• ecso ecso ecso

    In a previous life I was a graffiti artist. But I didn’t really understand it, and didn’t really vibe with it completely. I think it was too much of me trying to fit in rather than actually belonging. I remember someone getting annoyed at my sketchbook for being too artsy fartsy, which was pretty funny but also telling in what was important within the small scene in the area. But like, as an art form, I think it needs to be more than a tight wild style or fresh letter forms. Those are just like, details. The culture can be hyper focused on things that I don’t think actually matter. But there were many things I did love, and still have mad respect for. The technical quality of the craft by some is absolutely incredible. The passion for living and breathing graffiti. Those things are dope.

    Graffiti is masculine energy and full of confidence. It’s also “fuck the system” and “fuck the rules” while being constrained by it’s own narrow systems and rules. It’s yelling into the void because no one is listening but you don’t really know what to say in the first place. It’s angry as shit. To me anyways.

    I liked how this canvas turned out. I like the buffed out feel to things here. Paint, Buff, Paint, Buff, Repeat..

  • Surreal Landscape

    Really had fun making this. I changed direction at the beginning and started glazing to create some neat layered effects. I almost ruined it completely by going absolutely wild with some oil crayon but managed to salvage it. Thankfully the oil wiped right off. Whew.

    There are some layers yet to add. Going to try to wrap it up soon. The idea in my head requires a level of detail I have not really painted before and I am actually nervous to continue, but whats the worst that could happen? I’ll just redo it.


  • Mad Frustration and Also, Fun?

    In the past when I would get frustrated because a painting didn’t work out it would completely dismantle any motivation I had for art. It would be a defeat that would add yet more bricks to the wall. This time though, it was just a failed painting and I just wanted to try going a different direction. Not everything is going to work. Some things may work well and then get ruined because of impatience or because I just wanted to try something. It’s frustrating, but also super fun.