More Fundamentals

May 13, 2021

I used to draw and create all the time. Always had a sketchbook with me and was drawing or doodling, even at inappropriate times. But as time went on I found I was drawing less and less. Then I stopped creating altogether. The saboteur was hard at work. Now that I am dipping my toes into the waters of creativity again I am humbled by how challenging and difficult it can be to create, and so very excited for how refreshing and rewarding it can be. My hands and brain are not as in sync as I would like. I have lost some muscle memory. At times holding a pencil feels annoyingly foreign. It can be frustrating. I am a child learning to walk sometimes. But it builds new muscle and retrains my eyes and brain. I am a student learning to draw all over again. Or rather, I should say I am a student learning to draw for the first time. Still battling blocks and ego and myself but I am seeing little hints of progress and so I am grateful and excited to continue this process. The saboteur can take a backseat for a while.

While I want to create abstract expressionist and pop surrealism, I fully understand that doing this fundamental work is only going to make my work that much better. Who knows, maybe I find that I love doing landscapes and end up focusing on that a while xD

It feels good to get your hands dirty. To draw something. Even if it’s just practicing ovals. Or straight lines.

I highly recommend the incredible program from Brent Eviston, “The Art and Science of Drawing” (

I am only just beginning with the Watts Atelier ( online courses, but so far it’s exceeding expectations and exactly the kind of study I wanted. Someday I would love to attend in person.

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