I am Roy Lindauer, an artist out of Reno NV, creating surreal and abstract illustration inspired by 60's psychedelic, 80's pop, and modern graffiti artists.

The first post of a new blog is an awkward introduction. So here we go. My name is Roy Lindauer. I do photography, watercolor, pen&ink, and other mediums.

I have always been an artist, though I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from practicing as of late, only recently having dusted off and stretched out from that very long break. Being the older and wiser being that I am, the hope is that the time off has not been in vain and will bleed into the work in positive, interesting, and unique ways.

The person I am today is vastly different from the young raving graffiti artist I was and I am exciting to explore those changes through my art. I hope that you enjoy it too.


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