Mad Frustration and Also, Fun?

In the past when I would get frustrated because a painting didn’t work out it would completely dismantle any motivation I had for art. It would be a defeat that would add yet more bricks to the wall. This time though, it was just a failed painting and I just wanted to try going a different direction. Not everything is going to work. Some things may work well and then get ruined because of impatience or because I just wanted to try something. It’s frustrating, but also super fun.

First Post! Just Create

Welcome! After so much movement, there is finally action. I’ve been working in the studio! I took some good advice and just put some marks on the canvas and let that be my guide. There was this game I used to play with my friends when I was younger that we called the “scribble game”. Someone would put a mark on a page and then hand the page over to someone else for them to turn into “something”. I’d start to do that on my own as a drawing exercise, or when I just didn’t know what to draw, and it would _jump start_ the creative process for me. I hadn’t considered doing that on canvas until it was recommended to me recently! It was super fun and very freeing.