Artist Statement

My work is self discovery. It is the process of me looking and feeling deep into my self and my ego and drawing from the emotions and anxieties within.

My work varies and can be in an abstract graffiti style or an abstract surrealist style, sometimes with a psychedelic influence. I am drawn to the energy of graffiti and try to incorporate that feeling into my own work. I draw inspiration from the feelings I get from cubist and surrealist works, however I am particularly drawn to the raw energy of the pioneering graffiti art of the 80s. I am also inspired by pop/psychedelic art of the 60s and 70s, and lately of Japanese woodblock prints.

I typically work in mixed media, using markers, acrylic paint, oil crayon, spray paint, pen & ink, and watercolor. When I begin a piece I typically begin with a freestyle drawing on some paper or canvas, allowing my thoughts to wander and lead my hand. I dig into my anxieties, addictions, relationships, and vulnerabilities, and imprint those in the work. The result is a highly personal expression of myself at that point in time.